Bahrain 1:100.000

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GEOprojects Map

Road Map
with city maps of Manama and Mauharraq 

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GEOprojects Map

Bahrain with city maps of Manama and Muharraq 

Topographic map of Bahrain at 1:100,000 showing relief, communications, oil and gas information, settlements and places of interest with index of place names. Including inset of King Fahed causeway.

City map of Al Manama and Al Muharraq at 1:11,600 showing detailed street patterns, built-up areas, important buildings and parks with index of street names and places of interest. Business Guide for Bahrain which includes P.O. Box, telephone and fax numbers for ministries, embassies, banks, hotels, airline offices, car hire, restaurants and leisure activities. Descriptive text giving information about the geography, population and economy of Bahrain with accompanying photographs.