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Himalaya Region Travel Reference Map

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Description by ITMB: The 'Roof of the World' is an apt name for the Gordian knot of mountains that radiates out from Tibet like a galaxy spiral - north to the Aleutians, south to Indonesia, east to Japan, and west to Europe. The Himalayan region is not only of paramount strategic value (why else would India and Pakistan fight over Kashmir so ferociously or China cling to Tibet so tenaciously?), but it is a lovely and exotic part of the world. Think of Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, the Karakoram Highway, the new rail line to Lhasa, the hill towns of India, the sanctuary provided to the Dali Lama, the mountain treks in the Mustang Valley, the majesty of Mount Everest! It is all on this double-sided map - from Kabul in the west to Assam in the east and from the isolated Tibetan plateau in the north to the Indus Valley in the south. Printed double-sided on paper

Editon 2009

ISBN-13: 978-1-55341-548-0 (9781553415480)