Kreta Wanderkarten-Atlas 1:50.000

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Anavasi - Wanderatlas (Griechenland: Kreta)

Crete - Adventure Atlas

Scale 1 : 50 000

The new Adventure Atlas of Crete by Anavasi is the ultimate tool to discover the island.

Find all the information you need to go hiking, canyoning, climbing, swimming on beautiful beaches, explore abandoned villages, minoan peak sanctuaries, cave-churches, byzantine and ottoman castles. Whatever you want to visit in Crete you will find it in 52 plates of this Atlas.

A key complement to the 1:25.000 detailed and updated hiking maps of Crete by Anavasi.

language: Greek / English

Edition 2019 - Hardcover (20,5 x 29 cm) - 114 pages

ISBN-13: 978-9-60941-270-4 (9789609412704)

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