Phuket 1:100.000

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Flexi Map

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Scale: 1 : 100 000
Pub Date: 2007

This laminated Fleximap of  Phuket contains eight maps, including one of  Phuket Town. It also gives details of more than 30 recommended sights and places to visit - as well as useful travel information, climate tables and local transport details. The key features include: detailed cartography highlights all the main tourist sights and provides valuable motoring information; informative text - essential facts about the destination are provided, plus handy tips for getting around; ease of use - the durable maps fold very easily, even when it's raining; and laminated finish - you can write on the map with a non-permanent marker pen and wipe it off later.

Insight FlexiMaps can be used and abused, yet still look new at the end of the trip. They can be scribbled on and wiped clean, folded in stormy conditions and even double up as an umbrella! It is the tough laminated finish that causes the FlexiMaps to be so hard-wearing. The clear cartography is complemented by informative panels, while full-colour photography shows the destination's top sights and fact boxes list useful local addresses and contact phone numbers. Western Daily Press.

With a laminated finish the maps can be written on and wiped clean afterwards, and the coating means they are extra resilient to the weather, and accidental tearing. Durable and excellent value for money. Outdoor Photography Magazin.



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