Sahara 1:3.850.000

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ITMB International Travel Maps

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ITMB International Travel Maps - Straßenkarte (Nordafrika: Sahara)


  • Maßstab 1 : 3 850 000
  • gefaltete Karte (wasserfest, doppelseitig)
  • Sprachausgabe: englisch

Description by ITMB: 1:3,850,000 scale 2nd Edition, double-sided, printed on ITM plastic paper for durability. This is the only map worth taking on a trans-Sahara expedition. It covers the desert regions of West Africa from Morocco to Libya, to Niger, showing roads, tracks, water holes, and whatever urban areas exist.

2nd Edition 2006

ISBN:1-5534-1022-X (155341022X)