Surinam & French Guiana 1:720.000/1:500.000

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Surinam & French Guiana Travel Reference Map

Description by ITMB: 1:720,000 scale, 4th Ed. Surinam has been updated with as much new information as we can find, and special thanks to Pied a Terre for some useful reference material. The cover re-design is, we feel, quite an improvement, and the folded size is now in line with our other titles. We realize that the Surinam area is still a largely unexplored and unmapped part of South America, so we?re doing our best with the resouces available to us to generate the best map possible until further topographic information becomes available. This is still a project in development and we greatly appreciate further information to make future editions even more accurate

4th Editon 2009

ISBN:1-5534-1362-8 (1553413628)