Tajikistan and the High Pamirs

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Tajikistan and the High Pamirs

Fringed by the two great rivers of Central Asia, the Oxus and the Jaxartes, Tajikistan can boast not only of breathtaking mountain scenery, but also of 3,000 years of history. The land where Alexander the Great fought desperately against the Scythian nomads, his most formidable adversaries, Tajikistan is an ancient cradle of Persian culture. Originally, it was the home of the Sogdians, the famous trading peoples of the Silk Road; eventually this country was at the heart of the 19th century 'Great Game', a place of contention for the adventurers and spies of Britain and Imperial Russia. Now recovering from the misfortunes of the 20th century - the travails of Soviet rule and several years of civil war - it is able to offer visitors not only its legacies of cultural and ethnic diversity, but also unparalleled opportunities for adventure. Informative insights into the history, religion and culture of Uzbekistan

  • Mounaineering and trekking on the roof of the world
  • Historical insghts into explorers and travellers of the acient Silk Road
  • Vital insight into a crucially positioned nation
  • Culture, music and ethnic traditions
  • Dushanbe, Central Asia's friendliest capital city
  • Essays on wildlife, botany, geology and archaelogy
  • 704 pages, 253 photographs, 17 maps & drawings

Robert Middleton worked for the Aga Khan Foundation as Legal Adviser and Co-ordinator of Tajikistan programs from 1985 until his retirement in 2003. He currently assists local and international non-profit organizations to promote tourism in the region. He lives in Switzerland. Huw Thomas became Program Director of the Aga Khan Health Service, Tajikistan from 1999 to 2003 after he retired as Chief Executive of Gwynedd Health Authority in North Wales. He has returned frequently to Tajikistan from his home in Anglesey, Wales.

Edition 2008 - Softcover -  704 Pages

Authors::Robert Middleton, Huw Thomas
ISBN:962-217-773-5 (9622177735)