Uzbekistan. The Golden Road to Samarkand

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Odyssey Books & Guides - Reiseführer (Usbekistan)

Uzbekistan - The Golden Road to Samarkand

From the blue-tiled splendor of Tamerlane's Samarkand to the holy city of Bukhara, which boasts a mosque for each day of the year, and beyond to the desert-girdled khanate of Khiva, Uzbekistan lays claim to a breathtaking architectural legacy. Bound by sand and snow, fed by meltwater from the Roof of the World, these fertile oases attracted the greatest travelers and conquerors in history along the fragile threads of the Silk Road. This groundbreaking guide, now extensively revised and updated, focuses on the wealth of sites and colorful legends at the heart of Central Asia, plus the best of the rest - excursions covering the major attractions of neighboring republics Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

  • Informative insights into the history, religion and culture of Uzbekistan
  • Special topics include the disappearance of the Aral Sea, and the life and death of Tamerlane the Great
  • Up-to-date practical information for the traveler, covering visas, customs and travel agencies
  • Hints for business visitors
  • Environmental issues
  • Useful maps, together with detailed plans of principal sites
  • 85 color photos, 23 maps

Calum Macleod and Bradley Mayhew graduated in Oriental Studies (Chinese) from Wadham College, Oxford University. Macleod has traveled extensively through Russian and Chinese Central Asia, China and Indochina. He contributes regularly to a range of publications. Mayhew has traveled and trekked across Chinese and Russian Central Asia, Tibet, Iran and Ladakh. He has led adventure tours along the Silk Road and is the author/co-author of numerous Lonely Planet guides, including Pakistan & the Karakoram Highway, Tibet, The Indian Himalaya and Southwest China. MacLeod lives in Beijing, China. Mayhew lives in Montana, USA when not 'on the road.'

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