Walking in the Caucasus (Georgia)

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Walker's Guide (Wanderführer)

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MTA Publications - Wanderführer (Kaukasus)

Walking in the Caucasus - Georgia
(Wandern im Kaukasus - Georgien)

Remarkably Georgia, no larger than Switzerland, ranks in the world's top twelve for geographical diversity. It contains the heart of the Caucasus mountains - larger and more dramatic than the Alps - subtropical wetlands, a Black Sea coast, semi-desert, all peppered with ancient stone towers and an exceptional history. Peter Nasmyth has now provided the first comprehensive walker's guide to Europe's most diverse landscape, including birds, flora and fauna. The book contains clear directions, excellent maps, GPS references, local history, contacts and a superb selection of color photographs.

The pages provide all the necessary information to give hikers the confidence to discover Georgia for themselves. Sections on history and culture add a fuller dimension to the walking experience and open up a region filled with unheard stories and antiquity.

  • Topographical maps
  • GPS coordinates
  • History and mythology
  • Hiking 'stories'

2. Edition 2013 - paperback (10 x 21 cm) - 183 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0-9559145-4-6 (9780955914546)

Author:Peter Nasmyth