Bangkok & Thailand South 1:10.000/1:900.000

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Stadtplan und Straßenkarte

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ITMB International Travel Maps - Straßenkarte (Thailand)

Bangkok & Thailand South

  • Maßstab 1 : 10 000 / 1 : 900 000 
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Description by ITMB: Bangkok is a very interesting city, with many temples, pagodas, and historic buildings. It is also an airline hub and, as a result of not being a member of IATA, is a bargain-lover’s city for lower-cost airfares. This updated edition includes the new airport, recently-completed transit lines, and additional information for embassies. In this edition, we have combined our city map with a travel map for the southern half of the country, which means the peninsula connecting to Malaysia and including the most-visited parts of Thailand - the beach resorts located in the vicinity of Phuket. We have also upgraded it to plastic paper, both for the tropical humidity and for durability.

2. Auflage 2014


ISBN-13: 978-1-55341-478-0 (9781553414780)