Jordan and Syria 1:610.000/1:740.000

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Road Map (Straßenkarte)

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ITMB - Road Map (Straßenkarte)

Jordan and Syria (Jordanien und Syrien)

Description by ITMB:  3rd Ed. 2010, scale: 1:610,000/740,000 - We have updated both countries, and issued them back-to-back, with Jordan on one side and a separate map of Syria (at a different scale) on the opposite side. The reason for this is that most travellers visiting the one country are probably also visiting the other on the same trip, so it saves them money as well as saving us paper. This map is printed double-sided, on paper, AVAILABLE NOW. Map size: 27"X39"

Edition 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-5534-1274-8 (9781553412748)

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