Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan 1:3.000.000 / 1:1.580.000

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International Travel Maps

Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan (Kasachstan & Usbekistan)

  • Maßstab 1 : 1,3 Mio. / 1 : 1,58 Mio. 
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Description by ITMB: The 'Stans' of the former Soviet empire are difficult to map because in the aftermath of liberation, most place names, which the Russian overlords had Russified were changed - and not always to their original names or former spellings. Time has sorted out most nomenclature problems, and we hope that this version is 'letter perfect'. In this updated edition for both countries, we have obviously tried our best to create a detailed and accurate map. The big difference between this edition and the previous one is the addition of Uzbekistan to the second side. The two countries seem to share certain common characteristics, as do the other three more easterly Stans, so we feel that combining similarities is better for end users than keeping separate sheets for each country. The advantage of this new map is that buyers get two country maps for the price of one. We feel that we also benefit, by providing end users with something that they need, affordably. Uzbekistan will continue to be available as a separate title

3rd Editon 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1-55341-104-8 (9781553411048)