Marrakesch Medina (Mini) 1:4.900

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Die Altstadt von Marrakesch

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MédinaCarte - Stadtplan (Marokko)

Marrakech Medina (Mini)

  • Scale 1 : 4 900
  • folded Map
  • Accomodation
    There are plenty of places where to stay in the Medina, you will find on this map 600 guesthouses, all clearly positioned and easy to find. With our map you can choose a guesthouse in the area of the Medina that you really like or that suits you, in relation to what you are planning to do during your stay, then check it online and book online ! It could not be easier!
  • Entertainment
    The Map also features Restaurants & Cafes, not just around the main square, to immerse yourself into the magic of the Medina. The Medina Map also shows where you can find free wifi internet access. We are also showing you where to find public toilets while exploring the various areas of the Medina.
  • Transportation
    The Map features convenient and easy to use Markers for »Petits Taxis« (local) or »Grand Taxis« (for journeys outside the Medina), Caleches & Public Transport. We have included the route and all stops for the very useful bus number 2, taking you from the Jmaa el Fna to the North and North-East of the Medina, (not so well known from visitors but extremely practical), it will only cost you 2 Dirhams for a single journey ! You will spot bus number 2 easily, it is much smaller than the rest.
  • Places of Interest
    The Map also features Markers to easy find Street Markets, Public parks, souks, Museums, palaces, and Public Buildings of interest to the keen traveller.
  • Convenient
    Although The map is quite large, Its ingenious »Easy Fold System«, ensures that you just unfold the area you are in and move with incredible ease to an other area, without having to battle with a large sheet of paper in a crowded street!  The map also gives you the GPS coordinates for all the gates (Babs) and main Points of Interest.

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