Beijing & The Great Wall 1:23.000/280.000

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Stadtplan / Straßenkarte

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International Travel Maps - Stadtplan/Straßenkarte (China)

Beijing & The Great Wall
(Peking und die Chinesische Mauer)

  • Maßstab: 1 : 23 000 / 1 : 280 000 
  • gefaltete Karte (doppelseitig, wasserfest)
  • Sprachausgabe: englisch

Description by ITMB: The city of Beijing is one of the main entry points into China as well as being a historic city in its own right. It is also massive, so a good map is essential. We have updated the rapid transit map on this edition and even we were amazed at the number of new lines that have been completed. The real advantage of this map is the regional side, showing the Great Wall and the Ming tombs. This is invaluable information for anyone wanting to visit these attractions.

4th Edition 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1-55341-935-8 (9781553419358)

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