Beijing & The Great Wall 1:23.000/280.000

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Stadtplan / Straßenkarte

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International Travel Maps - Stadtplan/Straßenkarte (China)

Beijing & The Great Wall
(Peking und die Chinesische Mauer)

  • Maßstab: 1 : 23 000 / 1 : 280 000 
  • gefaltete Karte (doppelseitig, wasserfest)

Third Edition 2010 Scale 1:23,000/280,000
Beijing is on the must-see list for any visitor to China. This updated edition includes new information post-2008 Olympics, such as the new subway line (No. 4) that has just been opened, plus new information about further extensions and lines being developed. The other side of the map is just as interesting. It covers the portion of the Great Wall of China that all visitors see, near Badaling, and also shows those sections that have disappeared over time, or have fallen into disrepair. As well, the famous Ming tombs of former emperors is also shown, as well as the Marco Polo bridge on the western edge of Beijing, so-named in honour of the famous trader/explorer who set out from this point on his return trip to Europe. This time, we have printed our Beijing/great Wall map in durable ITM plastic; printed double-sided.

3rd Edition 2010

ISBN:1-5534-1601-5 (1553416015)