Belarus 1:600.000

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Road Map (Straßenkarte)

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ITMB International Travel Maps - Straßenkarte (Weißrussland)

Belarus (Weißrussland)

  • Maßstab 1 : 600 000
  • gefaltete Karte
  • Sprachausgabe: englisch

Description by ITMB: Although so closely aligned to Russia as to be considered almost a part of that entity, Belarus is, in fact, an independent country. We feel that this second edition is a big improvement on our earlier version. It includes : detailed road and rail network, National Parks and Reserves with complete index of all cities and towns in the map. In this edition, major urban areas are shown in Cyrillic as well as Latin alphabet, hypsometry has been re worked to show elevation differences better. This is a double sided map of the country (divided into west and east halves) with part of Lithuania on the western part and a fair amount of Russia on the eastern side. Known international border crossing are shown, except on crossing into Russia, which are numerous. A large inset map for Minsk in a very suitable scale (1:15,000 Scale) comprising most of the touristic sights and places of interest and Metro lines has also been provided that is far better than what we could show previously..

Edition 2015

ISBN-13: 978-1-77129-077-7 (9781771290777)

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