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Road Map (Straßenkarte)

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British Columbia

Description by ITMB: BC is spectacular! Even the tourism promotion board says so. IN this most recent version of a map that has proved to be very popular, we have added the top most scenic attractions of the province. Considering that BC is the size of Western Europe or the western third of the USA, it wasn't difficult to find things worth seeing! The road system of the province is excellent, considering its relatively sparse population of five million. It takes three days to drive from Vancouver to the top end of the province, or two days to reach the eastern boundary. This is a BIG area of land, best seen in a rental camper van, or an RV. This is also the home of the world famous Rocky Mountain rail excursion line, and the northern terminus for Amtrak. Vancouver's airport is a major hub for flights to Asia and the rest of North America. There are also 1,000 wilderness campsites to enjoy, and innumerable lakes, parks, and canoeing areas. They're all shown on this map, which also includes inset maps of downtown Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler. Come and enjoy!

Maße:  10,6 x 1,2 x 25,1 cm

Ausgabe 2019

ISBN 978-1-77129-090-6

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