Drakensberg and the Eastern Freestate 1:300.000

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Information Map

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High-Detail Information Map

Drakensberg and the Eastern Freestate 1 : 300 000

  • GPS co-ordinates of key places 
  • easy to read in a vehicle
  • accommodation + booking info
  • double-sided

Informationen des Herstellers:
All InfoMaps contain information found on no other road maps sold anywhere! No contest! Information includes GPS coordinates of accommodation facilities, visitor's centres, adventure sites, points of interest, landmarks, towns, fuel stops, intersections and more. You will find descriptive multi-language icons indicating the type of facility (e.g. lodge, camp, hotel) as well as activities icons (e.g. abseiling, tennis, fishing, golf and many more). Road, tracks, 4x4 tracks and even hiking trails are included.

What are InfoMap's unique features?

  • GPS co-ordinates of major intersections and geographical landmarks.
  • Availability of diesel and or petrol.
  • Accommodation options including camping, motels, B&Bs and hotels.
  • Designed to fold easily and be read in the confines of a vehicle.
  • Ergonomically easy to read.
  • Some feature travel tips and area information.
  • Some feature conservation guidelines.

In order to successfully publish maps with accuracy and detail sufficient for the market for which they were intended, it was necessary for each road to be driven and the GPS co-ordinates to be recorded. In addition some roads and tracks on the maps had never been mapped before. As a result some tracks needed to be drawn by hand and then GPS-co-ordinates and distances added. In this way, no other scale maps can boast the detail of an InfoMap.

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