Hanoi & Northern Vietnam

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Footprint Focus Travel Guide

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Footprint (Travel Guide - Reiseführer)

Hanoi & Northern Vietnam

'At Saigon one exists; at Hanoi one lives,' wrote one 19th-century French visitor. Stroll along the elegant tree-lined boulevards and admire the weathered colonial buildings while in the distance ultra-modern office blocks shoot up from the ground. Few places sum up Vietnam's history and future like Hanoi, while the Northern country retains what every visitor is looking for: the beauty of unspoilt Vietnam. Footprint Focus will guide you around Vietnam's charming capital and north, giving useful advice on what to see and do along the way. Perfect for intrepid travellers, there's an ideal balance of must-see destinations and little-known gems.

The content of Footprint Focus Hanoi & Northern Vietnam guide has been taken directly from Footprint's Vietnam Handbook.

  • Small, compact soft cover guide
  • Essentials section with indispensable information on getting there and around
  • Highlights maps so you know what not to miss
  • Comprehensive listings of where to eat, drink and sleep
  • Detailed street maps to help you find your way around

2nd Edition 2015 - Paperback -  176 pp

Autor(en): David Lloyd, David Stott

ISBN-13: 978-1-91012-027-9 (9781910120279)