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Lonely Planet Travel Guide


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Lonely Planet Travel Guide (Reiseführer)

Indonesia (Indonesien)

Discover a kaleidoscope of cultures, find surfing nirvana on a palm-fringed island or get up close to orang-utans in Borneo's jungle - plan the Indonesian adventure of a lifetime with this comprehensive guide.

  • detailed maps to guide your travels
  • tips on idyllic beach getaways and crystal-clear snorkelling spots
  • spice-lover's guide to Indonesia's classic cuisine
  • know your kraton from your kretek - comprehensive language guide and glossary
  • up-to-date advice on security issues and visa regulations

11th Edition 2016- paperback - 908 pp (20 pp colour, 191 maps)

Reiseführer  Indonesien

ISBN:1-74104-830-3 (1741048303)