Kanchenjunga Region 1:100.000

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Trekking Map/Bergwanderkarte

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Himalayan Map House - Bergwanderkarte (Nepal)
Series: Trekking Map 100 Series (Blatt Nr. NP101)

Kanchenjunga Region
Lumbha Sambha - Milke Danda - Yalung B.C. 
  • Maßstab 1 : 100 000
  • gefaltete Karte (laminiert)
  • Kartenbeschriftung: englisch
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Kanchenjunga is the most easterly of the Nepal himals and forms a natural border with the Indian state of Sikkim. Incredibly lush temperate rainforest surrounds the 3rd highest mountain on earth, with its many sentinel peaks providing dozens of remote glaciated valleys to explore. In Nepal, the southwest face, south ridge and west ridge of Kanchenjunga form a massive horseshoe-shaped valley system around Yalung, and are rarely visited. The main trekking route heads to the mountains’ north face and Base Camp at Pangpema. The isolated communities of Olangchun Gola and Yangma are adventurous side trips that can be used as bases to visit some of most far-flung corners of Nepal. There are many ethnic groups in the region, including Limbu, Rai, Sherpa, Lhomi as well as Tibetan nomads who cross the border to trade.

The Kanchenjunga Conservation Area (KCA) is the first region in Nepal to be managed by local communities and has so far proved very successful along the main trail, but is yet to be fully effective in remoter valleys. Trekking is still in its infancy in much of the KCA so tread lightly and encourage sustainable practices wherever you can...

Ausgabe: 2017

ISBN-13: 978993-76-49-74-2 (9789937649742)

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