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Trekking Map/Bergwanderkarte

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Himalayan Map House - Bergwanderkarte (Nepal)
Series: Trekking Map 100 Series (Blatt Nr. NP110)

Api & Saipal Himal - Khaptad & Rara NP - Humla 
  • Maßstab 1 : 150 000
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The least developed of the trekking regions of Nepal are in the Far-West of the country: Humla, Rara, Khaptad and the Api and Saipal Himals. The local Bhotia, Khas and Chhetri people have rarely, if ever, seen trekkers, so be prepared for a touching and heartfelt welcome wherever you go. Logistics are a challenge throughout the region but the extra effort of organising a trek here is the price you pay for authenticity.

The two smallest National Parks in Nepal, Rara and Khaptad, are the only protected areas in the pahar of the far-west (other than Bardia National Park, Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve and the BlackBuck Conservation Area on the terai). However, special trekking permits are required to visit many of the areas along the Tibetan border. This region will benefit enormously from tourism in the years to come, and as one of the first to trek here, it is important that you lead by example. Please follow the Great Himalaya Trail Code in every respect and help make a positive difference to a region that desperately needs all the help it can get.

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