Latvia & Riga 1:460.000/1:8.000

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City Map (Stadtplan)

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International Travel Maps - Stadtplan, Straßenkarte (Lettland)

Latvia & Riga (Lettland & Riga)

  • Scale: Latvia 1 : 460 000
  •           Riga 1 : 8 000
  • folded map

Description by ITMB:  This is a brand new mapping area for ITMB. We have had a map of Riga for years, but not the country of Latvia, which now graces one side of the sheet while Riga occupies the other. The country is larger than one might think, touristically friendly, historically significant, and strategically important. Wedged between Estonia on the north and Lithuania on the south, Latvia tends to be a fast north-south route through the Baltic States, but its strength lies in being an east-west country with a very long coastline. Riga itself is a very interesting city, and our map shows it to perfection. This map would be very useful for anyone going to the Baltic Sea countries and firs very well with our companion map of Estonia/Talinn.

Edition 2015

ISBN-13: 978-1-5534-1228-1 (9781553412281)

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