Pakistan 1:1.200.000

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ITMB International Travel Maps - Travel Reverence Map (Pakistan)


  • Scale 1 : 1 200 000
  • folded Map

Description by ITMB: This strategic country has suffered several calamities during 2010: terroist attacks, destabilization by militants, massive floods, and political pressures from Western nations to help control militants attacking Afghanistan. However, Pakistan is also home to Peshwar and the Khyber Pass, Lahore, Sukkur, and the fabled Northwest Frontier. One musn't judge countries by news reports, which tend to focus on negative activity, but on one's imagination. Pakistan is a lovely country to visit and enjoy. We have improved road classification information on this revised map, corrected a few (surprisingly few) spelling errors, and have noted the country's growing network of first-class motorways. Printed on paper, double-sided, with a new inset map of Karatchi;

Edition 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-5534-1384-4 (9781553413844)