Santiago de Chile 1:12.500 / Northern Chile 1:1.770.000

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Santiago de Chile 1:12.500  / Northern Chile 1:1.770.000

Description by ITMB: The capital if Chile dominates the country. As locals, tell it, Santiago IS Chile; modern, cosmopolitan, and the main entry point for most visitors to Chile. The central banking and shopping district is well-served by four separate rapid transit lines and the map includes such attractions as parks, the railway station, the funicular, and the gondola ride. The reverse side of the map is an innovation for this title. The northern half of Chile is shown in two detailed portion maps, side by side. The far north, from the Peruvian border near Arica to Vina el Mar is shown on the first map, along with all crossings into neighbouring countries. The other map continues south from Vina del Mar/ Valparaiso to well south of Puerto Mont. This map would include Santiago, Talca, Concepcion, Temuco, and the Austral Highway as far south as Cochrane, which is close to the famous Laguna San Rafael National Park and its ice fields.

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ISBN 978-1-77129-712-7 (9781771297127) Straßenkarte  Stadtplan Südamerika Chile

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