Sao Paulo 1:12.500

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ITMB - Stadtplan (Brasilien)

Sao Paulo 1:12.500 - Südküste Brasiliens 1:1.2 Mio.Maßstab 1 : 12 500 / 1 : 2 200 000

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Description by ITMB: Map 2nd Ed. 2010 1:12,500/1:2,200,000 Brasil is a huge country of growing economic importance, and of great touristic importance. Sao Paulo is one of the two 'great cities' of South America, and deserves to be better mapped than has been the case in the past. This new map updates all of our information on this vibrant city and now adds a new map on the reverse side covering all of densely-populated Southern Brasil, to Belo Horizonte in the north, and Rio Grande in the far south. For good measure, we have included a large inset of central Rio on the map. Printed on paper, double-sided

Auflage 2018

ISBN 9781771297066