Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone

This is the only guide, in any language, devoted solely to Sierra Leone. Armed conflict ended here in 2002; while still poor, the country is safe and offers tremendous opportunities for English-speaking travellers. This guide gives details and maps of its miles of palm-fringed beaches that are among the best in West Africa. It covers deep-sea fishing and wreck diving, snorkelling, canoeing and white-water rafting. It tells travellers how to island hop between Plantain Island, Banana Islands and Turtle Islands, and provides maps of hiking trails into the Nimini Hills, Bora Mountains and Gola Forest. Wildlife enthusiasts will learn where to see rare pygmy hippos, dwarf crocodiles, whales, lions and elephants; while cultural tourists are led to slaving landmarks including Bunce Island, site of the former slave fortress, and the funky city of Freetown.

  • The only guidebook to Sierra Leone, a country with large diaspora communities in both the UK and US
  • Includes detailed information on Sierra Leone's wildlife sanctuaries
  • Accommodation for all budgets and styles

3rd Edition November 2017