Sikkim & India Northeast 1:135.000

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International Travel Maps

Sikkim & India Northeast Map

  • Maßstab 1 : 135 000 / 1 500 000
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Description by ITMB: Sikkim is an autonomous state between India and Chinese-controlled Tibet, much as Bhutan. It is a wonderful, mountainous country to visit, with reasonably good goads going far to the north, well into the Himalayas, and interesting temples/pagodas to see, as well as the fabulous Fam Rong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary. As anyone visiting this remote state needs to pass through the northeastern area of India to reach Sikkim, we have include a complete, detailed map of Bengal, Bihar, Meghalaya, and the Assam states as well as of the portion of Nepal abutting Sikkim, and an inset map of Kolkata. The map starts at Kolkata and extends to the Tibetan border, and from Patna in the west to the border with Burma - a lovely area of coverage - value added without an increase in price! 

Edition 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1-5534-1084-3 (9781553410843)

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