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Trescher Reiseführer

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Cicerone - Reiseführer (Tadschikistan)

  • 21 treks in the Fann Mountains, Yagnob Valley, Pamirs and Wakhan Corridor
  • 5 day hikes near Dushanbe
  • main bases are Dushanbe, Penjikent, Sarytag and Khorog

This is the very first guidebook dedicated to trekking in Tajikistan. Half a day's drive north from the capital Dushanbe, the Fann Mountains boast some of the best mountain scenery in Central Asia, with shimmering lakes fringed by towering glaciated 5000m peaks, while the wild and remote Pamirs in the southeast offer opportunities for epic, high-altitude adventures.

While trekking you're more likely to be invited for tea and yoghurt by the hospitable local shepherd families who live in these mountains during the summer than to meet fellow trekkers. A daring 10-day trek deep in Afghan Wakhan Corridor is included.
  • trekking varies from easy to very hard
  • most trails are clear, but solitude, river crossings, route finding and high altitude add difficulty
  • accessible from May/June to October

1st edition 2018 - kartoniert (17,1 x 12 cm) - 390 pages

Autor(en): Jan Bakker, Christine Oriol

ISBN-13: 978-1-85284-946-7 (9781852849467)