Trekking in Greenland - Arctic Circle Trail

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Trekking Guide (Wanderführer)

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Cicerone Press - Trekking Guide (Wanderführer)

Trekking in Greenland
Arctic Circle Trail

The Arctic Circle Trail is the longest waymarked trail in Greenland, and runs from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut - both with airport access. The route traverses remote, empty, silent and stunningly scenic arctic tundra. There are excellent opportunities to see animals, birds and wild flowers and enjoy the use of free canoes and simple, free huts for shelter.

  • Seasons
    a summer walk, ideally from mid-June to mid-September, when the tundra is bursting with life; during the long winter, snow and ice, short days and bitter cold are the norm
  • Centres
    start at Kangerlussuaq and finish at Sisimiut - vast empty landscapes inbetween!
  • Difficulty
    not particularly difficult, mostly gently graded, but with a few short, steep, rocky slopes but very remote; trekkers must be completely self-sufficient but basic huts are available at good intervals
  • Must See
    trips to the ice cap; visiting an arctic desert; climbing Sugar Loaf; Kangerlussuaq; Tarajornitsut saline lakes; paddling the lake of Amitsorsuaq; beach at Kangerluatsiarsuaq; views from Iluliumanersuup Portornga; the valley below Nerumaq; the valley of Qerrortusup Majoriaa; Kællingehætten; Sisimiut

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