8. 5 Mt Mainalo - Arcadia - 1:40.000

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Topographische Wanderkarte

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Anavasi Topo 50 - Wanderkarte (Griechenland: Peloponnes)
Greece - Peloponnese (Blatt Nr. 8.5)

Mt Mainalo - Arcadia
Lyrkeio - Farmakas -Ktenias

  • Maßstab 1 : 40 000
  • gefaltete Karte (reiß- und wasserfest)
  • mit Wanderwegen und Kletterrouten
  • 2-sprachig griechisch/englisch
  • Legende: griechisch, englisch, französisch, deutsch
  • GPS kompatibel

The Mainalo - Artemisio Hiking map is now available. In scale of 1:40?000 and with an extra map of the lesser known mountains of Artemisio and Farmakas on the back of the map. The Menalon Trail route is separated in daily segments with detailed description.

Find here hiking ideas in Mainalo.

Mainalo is situated only two hours from Athens, in the picturesque rural prefecture of Arkadia, in central Peloponnese. Its name evokes images forested mountains, gurgling streams and shady grottoes. According to mythology, it was a favourite haunt of Pan, the flute-playing, cloven-hooved god of nature.

Mainalo is the highest and largest Arcadian mountain, west of the Tripoli-Mantinia plateau. The map covers the main Mainalo, the Western Mainalo and the Lousios area (Gortynian mountains and Lagadia mountains).

Printed on Polyart paper.

Auflage 2020

ISBN-13: 978-960-8195-66-0 (9789608195660)

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