Guyana, Guyane & Suriname

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Footprint Focus Travel Guide

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Footprint Travel Guide (Reiseführer - Südamerika)
Series: Focus

Guyana, Guyane & Suriname
by Ben Box

Swaying palm trees, golden beaches, a hammock at siesta time, and sunset rum cocktails: this is the bare minimum of a relaxing Caribbean holiday. Throw in Calypso music, Hindu temples and Parisian cafes selling coffee and croissants and you're close to experiencing the unique melting pot of cultures in Guyana, Guyane and Suriname. Each tiny country is home to a diverse mix of cultures and yet they have all kept their own identities and traditions. Few places boast the cultural and culinary fusion of this 'Caribbean corner' of South America.

With unparalleled depth and breadth of coverage of this vibrant region, the Footprint Focus guide to Guyana, Guyane and Suriname will help you get the best out of your adventure without weighing you down.

The content of Footprint Focus Guyana, Guyane & Suriname guide has been extracted from Footprint's South American Handbook.

  • Small, compact soft cover guide
  • Perfect for anyone who prefers to travel without the tourists: This concise guidebook covers places that are simply not featured in any other travel guide
  • Objective recommendations of great places to stay and eat
  • Fascinating insights into the region's history and culture
  • Highlights map of the region plus detailed street maps to important towns and cities

1st Edition 2011 - Paperback  - 80 pages

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