Guyana Suriname French Guiana 1:850.000

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Description by ITMB: The focus of this map is on Guyana, reflecting the changes coming about as a result of the growing assertiveness of Brasil, which has repaved the highway north from Manaus on the Amazon to the border with Guyana (at Bomfin). The Guyanese are improving the road to Georgetown, shortening travel times for goods in both directions by weeks. This new bridge also enables travelers to pass north and south much more easily. We have also re-done the inset map of Georgetown to bring it up to date. We have also changed the regional map on the reverse side, which used to cover all three Guianas countries, and replaced it by one concentrating on the other two countries. The most significant change we’ve made is to re-name Surinam to the country’s preferred name of Suriname. As we made relatively few changes to the artwork, and as Suriname/French Guiana is a separate map in our South America Series, it will continue as a separate title.

Ausgabe 2012

ISBN 9781553414025

Straßenkarte, Südamerika, Guyana, Surinam,  Französisch Guyana 

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