11.15 Mt Dikti - Mt Selena 1:35.000

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Topographische Wanderkarte

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Anavasi Topo 25 - Wanderkarte (Griechenland: Kreta)
Greece - Crete (Blatt Nr. 11.15)

Mt Dikti - Mt Selena

  • Maßstab 1 : 35 000
  • gefaltete Karte (reiß- und wasserfest)
  • 2-sprachig griechisch/englisch
  • Legende: griechisch, englisch, französisch, deutsch
  • GPS kompatibel

The large karstic basin known as Lassithi Plateau is surrounded by mountains. The highest and most famous is Mt Dikti with its highest summits Afendis Christos (Madara) and Spathi. The European Trail E4 crosses the area following a very interesting route. The map includes the detailed recording of the E4 trail and many more paths, leading to peaks or crossing impressive gorges such as Kritsa, Rosa, Havgas and others.

Auflage 2022

ISBN-13: 978-960-9412-315 (9789609412315)

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