Executive World Map

Artikelnummer: 9789539578334

Format: 92 x 136 cm

Kategorie: Weltkarten

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Executive World Map

  • Format: 92 x 136 cm
  • Maßstab: 1 : 3 300 000
  • Sprache: englisch

The World Executive Map provides a unique combination of a political and geographical map decorated with vignettes and borders using the manners of ancient masters, evident through the emphasis on color and the incorporation of old fonts for the names of countries, cities, mountains, seas, rivers and oceans. All of the political and geographical information is completely accurate and in accordance with the current status of the world.

What distinguishes this map from all the rest is the raised relief map of the ocean and sea floors with names marking the most significant areas.

The map contains the North and South Pole, a compass with the complete names of the directions of the world, winds and ocean currents, time zones and country flags listed in alphabetical order.

The World Executive Map combines sophisticated cartography and a unique design to document our world as never before.

ISBN-13: 978-953-95783-3-4 (9789539578334)

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