ITM Qatar (Doha) & Bahrain 300T

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International Travel Maps

Qatar and Doha City (Katar und Doha)

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Description by ITMB: Qatar is a smallish Middle-eastern Arabian peninsula that is economically significant (oil), strategically important (HQ for American forces in the region), peaceful, relatively progressive, and touristically developing quickly. Our map is printed on paper, single-sided, with the country on the left half, and Doha, the capital, filling the remaining half. Bahrain is shown on the country map, but the focus of the map is to show the developing infrastructure of Qatar and the growing sophistication of Doha, including its beachside resorts. The Middle East is such an important part of our world that ITMB has commissioned maps of Kuwait, Jerusalem, and Bahrain to be prepared. Qatar is the first additional area of coverage and this is the first new map of the country to be published in a generation.

Auflage 2022