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Bradt Travel Guide - Reiseführer (Irak)


This brand new edition of Bradt's unique guide to Iraq gives up-to-date travel information and also informs the armchair traveller about the history and exciting archaeological prospects of this ancient land with a rich culture. Ancient sites such as Babylon and Ur, the stunning architecture of the country's mosques, the natural beauty and wildlife of the Marshes and beautiful Iraqi handicrafts create a myriad of attractions to inspire even the most seasoned traveller. The authors, Geoff Hann, Karen Dabrowska and Tina Townsend-Greaves, bring their considerable knowledge and understanding of Iraq to provide all the practical and background information needed to explore this country and to get the most out of your trip. Advice on cultural awareness and religious sensitivity in the context of Iraqi history, along with where to get the latest information on which parts of the country you can still visit, make this an invaluable guide.

New Zealander Karen Dabrowska migrated to the UK in 1985 where she graduated with an MA in international journalism. She was editor of New Horizon, a publication focussing on the Islamic world, and helped set up publications for the Iraqi opposition to Saddam Hussein. Later she worked for JANA News Agency and contributed articles to The Middle East, The Guardian and Islamic Tourism. She joined the Sudanese National Council, a medical charity, and is a board member of the Kurdish Aid Foundation.

Geoff Hann is the owner and managing director of Hinterland Travel, the only UK-based travel company currently taking tourists to cover Iraq completely (not including the travel companies specialising in pilgrim traffic) . He has been taking tourists to Iraq since 1970, and ran the famous post-war tour, following the toppling of Saddam Hussain in October 2003.

Auflage 2021 - kartoniert (21,6 x 13,4 cm) - 384 Seiten (435 g)

Autor(en): Geoff Hann, Karen Dabrowska