South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland 1:1.000.000

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Travellers's Map

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Tracks4Africa - Straßenkarte (Südafrika, Lesotho und Swasiland)
Reihe: Traveller's Map

South Africa
Lesotho and Swaziland

  • Maßstab  1 : 1 000 000
  • gefaltete Karte (reiß- und wasserfest)
  • Travel times and distances shown on roads
  • Large paper map, printed on both sides folds down to easy to use size. Packed in a plastic sleeve for extra protection.
  • What you see on the paper map is exactly what you get on T4A GPS Maps
  • Comprehensive set of roads and tracks in nature reserves
  • Map designed to suit the needs of self-drive travellers
  • Border crossings indicated with opening and closing times
  • Printed on tear and water resistant PolyArt paper suitable for outdoor use
  • Shaded relief background

The roads, tracks, places of interest as well as the distance data and travel time estimates on the map reflect the collective travel experience of the Tracks4Africa community of travellers over the past 10 years, with every single road being GPS recorded and verified by this community.

No need to transfer GPS coordinates from the map to your GPS as everything you see on the map is contained in our T4A GPS Maps. Use T4A GPS Maps to navigate you to all the destinations you see on this country map.

ISBN-13: 9780994720801 (978-0-994720-80-1)