Trekking in Greece

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The Peloponnese and Píndos Way

Trekking Guide (Wanderführer)

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Cicerone Press - Wanderführer (Griechenland: Epirus, Zentral-Griechenland, Peleponnes)

Trekking in Greece
The Peloponnese and Píndos Way

The Peloponnese Way and Píndos Way explore the surprisingly green limestone massifs of Greece, showcasting its beautiful scenery, rich flora and cultural interest. The two-week Peloponnese Way (220 km) crosses the peninsula from Dhiakoftó in the north to Pantazí beach in the south, via Trípoli, taking in alpine meadows, a dramatic gorge and forest-clad slopes. The more remote four-week (460 km) Píndows Way is a south-north traverse of the Píndos range, Greece's mountain backbone. Both routes are split into sections of around a week, with start and end points accessible by public transport.
  • routes are demanding but not technical, suitable for reasonably fit walkers
  • accommodation in village rooms, guesthouses and mountain monasteries (although not always for women) and, for the Píndos Way, some wild camping
  • includes variants and side routes, background information about the region and a Greek-English glossary
3rd edition 2018 - paperback (11,6 x 17,2 cm) - 301 pages

Autor(en): Tim Salmon, Michael Cullen

ISBN-13: 978-1-85284-968-9 (9781852849689)