Tehran & Northern Iran 1:15.000/1:1.800.000

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International Travel Maps - Landkarte/Straßenkarte

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ITMB Publishing Ltd. - Straßenkarte (Iran)
International Travel Maps

Tehran and Northern Iran

  • Maßstab 1 : 15 000 / 1 : 1 800 000 
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  • Sprachausgabe: englisch

Description by ITMB: 1st Ed. 1:15,000/1:1,800,000. For years, Iran has been vilified as a threat to world peace, a supplier of arms to fuel insurrections around the world, and an 'enemy' rogue state. Is it? This is a cultured and educated society that has its faults, but I suspect that much of its militancy is contrived and encouraged by a militant few to maintain their grip on power. Tehran is a huge urban area, modernizing and changing with each passing year, building subways and expressways, hotels, and schools. This is the first map of the city published outside of the country, and I think our team of researchers has created a lovely piece of artwork that can only get better as time passes. We have also updated and printed a very detailed sectional map of the northern half of Iran on the reverse side.

Auflage 2009


ISBN-13: 978-1-55341-731-6 (9781553417316)