Turistická Mapa (Wanderkarten Tschechien) 1:40.000

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NEUE REIHE - 72 Wanderkarten von Tschechien. 8,90 Eur/Karte

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Turistická Mapa - Hiking Maps of the Czech Republic - Scale 1:40.000
Wanderkarten von Tschechien - Maßstab 1:40.000

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Detailed hiking maps at a scale 1 : 40 000 include full network of marked hiking and cycling paths wich are always updated. On the back of the map there is information about places of interest of the displayed area. The maps are equiped with panoramic eyeview and photographs as well. The maps can be used with GPS navigation with coordinationg system WGS-84 and cover whole area of the Czech Republic and almost whole Slovakia.

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